Intro: Both poems are similar in the form of power. In remains and emigree they are similar due to power of memory. Both poems use the power of memory to show the feeling between the 2 protagonists. They explore the mind to find something very sad or very happy. In this case the first power […]

this essay will be about the perspectives of Mumbai through 3 different characters. Mumbai is a slum in India. the 3 characters are Abdul, Asha and Sunil. we are going to be analysing their points of view on Annawadi and how their roles in the slum affect their judgement. firstly we meet Abdul who is […]

india has become a developing country in many ways. advantages: India has made many more housing for people to live in. They have introduced better education for young people and they are trying to make a safer area for the growing population. disadvantages: India however, has a large population. this leads to over population and […]

jekylls butler goes to visit utterson, as he thinks he has seen hyde. the two go to jekylls house and find his secret lab. they find chemicals and potions and look into the cupboard where the buer thought he saw hyde. they then go to jekylls house, and hear a lot of commotion. they ram […]

Dear Lamarck, Your theory is complete rubbish. It is not correct. The individuals in a species vary in features, and will not always be the same. The features however can be passed on to their offspring.

” Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Chapter 6 – Remarkable Incident of Dr. Lanyon Although there is a large reward out for Hyde and many details of his life are uncovered, the police have no clue as to his whereabouts. As more time passes, Mr. Utterson is relieved that Hyde seems to be gone. Dr. […]

in the first event a man is brutally beating another person on the street in which the maid sees this and is very scared and faints. The weapon lying with the man in the floor. ” the murderer was gone long ago, but there lay his victim in the middle of the lane, incredibly mangles […]